• $150

EXC LED Street Lamp Red Flag Series

EXC red flag series LED road lamps are high-efficiency lights designed by EXC for outdoor road lighting.Environmental protection and pollution-free: all materials of the lamp are free of lead, mercury and other harmful substances that affect the environment; there is no ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation harmful to human health; there is no light pollution to the surrounding environment;The outdoor electrostatic spraying process on the surface of the lamp body has strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and is suitable for various complex environments;The lens adopts high-quality imported optical-grade materials, with accurate light distribution, high efficiency and strong weather resistance;Protection against electric shock: Class 1Use well-known brand waterproof isolation switching power supply with high safety and reliability.The photoelectric separation design ensures the stability of each system and avoids heat accumulation.High protection design, high impact resistance and waterproof and dustproof performance.