Expert in Jewelry repair Omaha NE

14 Karat is an expert in jewelry repair in Omaha, NE. When a cherished piece of jewelry gets damaged or broken, or is succumbing to wear and tear, it can be easy to assume it is beyond repair or that it cannot be restored to its former glory. When a piece isn’t quite the right, we can be all too guilty of continuing to wear it as is, despite the tightness pinching your skin or living in fear that the looseness will result in loss of the piece. Whatever the problem, your favourite jewelry pieces can be quickly and expertly restored, resized and repaired. Our expert jewelers are all industry qualified with many years of experience in their trade. We are proud to include some of the best Omaha jewelers among our team with the expertise to tackle any repairs you require. For more info, call us at 4023979550.