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F Series Forklift Truck Sideshifter

F Series Forklift Truck Sideshifter

Product Description

Enable forklift to move loads from side to side for stacking of load and adjustment of load when loading and unloading with high efficiency, and used in most industry for stacking, loading, unloading and placement of load.

Functions & Applications

Sideshifter is the most common attachment installed in forklift, which is available for sideshifting in both direction, greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of the forklift accordingly. It is suitable for various occasions using forklift for handling and stacking.


Integrate cylinder and sideshifter frame into a component, saving room and widening the view,

Easily installed, directly connected to fork carriage

The lower bearings used wear-resistant nylon-material to ensure smoothly move.

High efficiency, easy maintenance and operation

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