Faber Finishing Wax | Stain Proof Finish

Faber Finishing Wax | Stain Proof Finish


  • Water based finishing wax suitable for highly absorbent surfaces

  • Can be used for sealing and protecting terracotta, cotto, wood floors

  • Slightly glazes the top of the tile to facilitate easy daily maintenance

  • Slightly enhances the look of the surface | 100% fume free | Clear

  • Provides a great protective barrier between the tile & foot traffic

  • To be applied in 1 or 2 thin coats with a flat mopping system or a cloth

  • The surface has to be residue free, grease free, fully dry & sealant free

  • From time to time the surface can be topped up with Faber Finishing Wax

  • Excellent water and oil stain protector, It will not yellow, high coverage

  • Suitable for residential and commercial surfaces, indoor and outdoor