Factors Influencing the Service Life of Forklift Tyres

Under a certain tire pressure, the tire is overloaded to increase its deflection and deformation, and the stress of the curtains and cords increases. It is easy to cause the cords at the sidewalls to break, loose and the curtain delamination, and the force of the carcass cords will exceed the allowable stress and tire ground pressure, the heat generated increases, the temperature of the carcass increases, and the load-carrying capacity decreases. At the same time, wear occurs due to the contact between the tire shoulder and the ground, especially when encountering obstacles, even a small stone can cause the tire crown to burst. Due to the different load distribution of the front and rear axles, the different working characteristics of the driving wheels and steering wheels, and the difference in road conditions, the wear conditions of the tires are inconsistent. If the two sides of the same axle are not replaced with tyres of the same factory, the same size, structure, level and pattern, it will accelerate tire wear.


The correct use, maintenance and repair of forklift tires are very important to increase the service life of new forklift tires, improve the performance of forklift trucks, and reduce operating costs.


High temperature will reduce the tear strength, elongation and hardness of the rubber, reduce the adhesion strength between the rubber and the cord, and accelerate the aging of the rubber. For tires under high temperature, especially aging tires, when side-slip or roll over obstacles occur, it is easy to tear the crown pattern. Due to the aging of the sidewall rubber, cracks and severe deformation of the sidewall result in the separation of the carcass cord from the rubber. Once the tire is locally exposed to sudden loads, it is very likely that a puncture will occur.


When forklift tires are corroded by grease, acid-base substances, or high temperature for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the tires will change, the load-bearing capacity will be greatly reduced, and the tires will easily burst during use. In addition, tires that have been corroded by oil will peel off the air-sealing layer, a small area of rubber in the tire mouth, and the carcass cord and rubber will detach. Road conditions also have a great impact on the service life of forklift tires. It affects the friction between the tire and the ground and the dynamic load on the tire.