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Forget the four “Horsemen” and focus on the four “Trojan horses”.

The answer, in our honest view, is a resounding no. At various moments in recorded history, the four “horsemen” decreased inequality by shocking the system violently and upsetting the established order. These shocks weakened the hold of elites’ power, reduced their support base, and increased the value of low-skilled employees. None of these elements, however, appear to be at play in the present pandemic. It appears that things are going in the opposite direction in certain aspects. The pandemic’s negative effects seem to have fallen disproportionately on the poor, while its innovations and reforms have benefited the wealthy. Authorities could perhaps concentrate on at least four reasons that are rising inequality rather than the fourth “horseman,” or the ongoing epidemic, in order to reduce inequities. We call these the four “Trojan horses” because they are sneakily ingrained in our daily existence and some of them are even necessary for fostering prosperity.