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The most effective method of self-care is functional medicine doctor. Practitioners work as medical investigators, frequently discovering that abnormalities in one biological system cause perplexing symptoms in what appears to be a completely distinct system. In addition, their laboratory tests and medical histories frequently reveal that the cause of a certain set of symptoms in one patient was completely different from the cause of very similar symptoms in another patient. Only after identifying the root cause of a health issue do practitioners of Functional Medicine offer treatment.

This system’s treatments try to reverse symptoms through nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, detoxification, lifestyle modifications, and other individualised therapies. In contrast to many holistic practitioners who base their treatments on traditions handed down from generation to generation, these practitioners derive their medical recommendations from an intensive study of scientific journals, particularly research that questions established protocols for drugs or surgery.


Typical training includes intensive modules on the gastrointestinal system, the impacts of stress, the immunological system, the endocrine system, inflammation, and detoxification, among other topics. Among others, chiropractors, holistic gut health, naturopaths, and acupuncturists can earn continuing education credits.