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Fusion Bar Chocolate Shroom | Chocolate Mushrooms Bars For Sale

Fusion bar are a new chocolate bar that were created at the end of 2020. They have quickly gained popularity in the psychedelic mushroom world due to their superior taste. Though a new comer to chocolate mushroom candy industry. The fusion shroom bars demand has grown so fast that it now has the fourth highest market capital competing with established industry names such as polkadot and one up mushroom.


Fusion bars mushroom have over 25 unique flavors which is first in the psychedelic chocolate mushroom  industry. This is to ensure that all their consumers have something to enjoy. A few of the flavors from fusion bars include:


Almond Crush

Rocky Roa

Cinnamon Toast

Banana Chocolate

Cookies & Cream


Effects of Fusion Bar Chocolate Shroom


Similar to many other psychedelic chocolate bars, the fusion shroom bars have effects such as:



It induces a state of laughter and happiness

Some users feel like they are fighting against gravity.

It slows down reaction time

Where To Buy This Shroom Candy Bars


There are many dispensaries and stores especially in the u.s that claim to sell authentic fusion bars, most of this are fake. We recommend that you buy your mushroom chocolate bars such as one up mushroom, punch bars, fusion 4 gram shroom chocolate bar at our online store to get the very best prices.


Chocolate Mushrooms Bars | Fusion Shroom Bar


The amazing therapeutic effects derived from the Polkadot mushroom chocolate bars depend on the dosage. Each of our fusion bar chocolate shroom have 15 easily breakable pieces and the degree of effects you get from consuming these shroom chocolate bars will depend o the number of pieces you consume.






The fusion shroom bar is not only delicious but an equivalent of 4 grams of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Apart from the fantastic trippy effects you get from eating the polka dot mushroom chocolate bars, they are also a great way to microdose magic mushrooms. Microdosing magic mushrooms in the form of consuming mushroom chocolate bars have recently increased in popularity.


Fusion Magic Mushroom Candy Bar


Furthermore, if you can’t stand the smell and “bad taste” of raw magic mushrooms, the fusion premium magic mushroom chocolate bar is a great alternative.


Buy Mushroom Chocolate Bar Fusion Premium Mushroom Chocolate bar


Psilocybin – the active ingredient in the Fusion Bar Chocolate Shroom, psilocybin candy bars, is known to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Fusion magic mushroom bars are also a great way to stimulate brain cell growth, Increase focus and sharpen your senses.

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