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Fusion One New summery from 16-31st December

Hello everyone, we are back again with new blogs and new information for our readers. We hope to give you the best and the latest information so that you can take care of your online business. So, let see what’s new.


16 December 2021


8 Ways to brilliantly use QR Codes for Marketing


QR codes are providing the most seamless and fastest customer experiences for people. QR stands for quick response. These are the digital codes that can be scanned using your Smartphone and they are easy. Once, you scan the code all the information contained in the code will be pulled up. You can store all kinds of information such as URL to your website, locations, product details, news update, videos, etc. It makes it easy for you to share any kind of information with your customers. There are easy-to-use and free QR code generators. The first way to use a QR code is to use it as a virtual business card. You can incorporate a QR code and share who you are, what you care about, and wherever you go. Number two would be using QR codes to engage with customers through video. When you connect a video through a QR code, you can connect easily with a customer. Number three is using QR codes to collect your payment. Number four is using a QR code to get customers to leave a review. QR codes make it simple to collect reviews in real-time and build a steady stream of reviews. Number five is you can use your revealed discounts or coupon codes using a QR code. You can make a coupon code for your business to give discounts, offers, or promotions. Number six is you can use QR codes to connect customers to all your social medial profiles. Number seven is using QR codes for an event. You can make it easy for the people to add your event to their calendar, to get details, the navigation of the event, and the chance to buy VIP passes by using a single QR code. The last is number eight and you can use a QR code to drive traffic to your website. If you have any questions, you can click the link https://fusiononemarketing.com/8-ways-to-brilliantly-use-qr-codes-for-marketing/


December 20, 2021


Customer Loyalty


Customer loyalty is the most powerful tool a business can wield. Most companies spend money and time to get new customers and increase their brand awareness. Statistics show that the present customers will buy new products if you introduce and will spend more than new customers. In this blog, we will learn how we can develop customer loyalty. 

Customer loyalty is a relationship between a customer and a business. It is what prompts existing customers to choose your business over your competitors. Customer loyalty is important because you can get more referrals, higher customer spending, repeat purchases, and increase trust. 

You can increase customer loyalty by being a helpful resource for customers, communicating properly with them, creating a customer loyalty program, being generous, and providing benefits to your customers, and growing your business. When a customer spends money with your business, be ready to show gratitude and give them rewards. Customer loyalty programs always help. You can show thankfulness by sending special messages. Customer loyalty programs are of different types such as paid loyalty programs, value-based loyalty programs, point-based loyalty programs, game-based loyalty programs, coalition loyalty programs, and tiered loyalty programs. 

After setting a loyalty program make sure it is working. You must keep an eye on the customer loyalty program and get feedback from your customers. You can do this by monitoring what people are saying about your business on social media, the amount of traffic you are getting to your website, your sales number, and your customer retention rate. This will be different for every business. Click this link for more information https://fusiononemarketing.com/customer-loyalty/


December 23, 2021


Marketing trends on the horizon for 2022


We have made a list of six top marketing trends to be on the lookout for in 2021 and how to optimize them for your business. The number one is the rise of voice search. People are going to do more searches using voice search so it is important to position yourself for this medium. Optimize your content for voice search. Number two is social selling and social commerce. Social commerce means enabling people to make purchases view your social media platform. You can optimize for social selling by using a paid pay-per-click method. Number three is audio content which means podcasting. It is easy to consume where you are because you do not have to sit in one place and you can listen to it on any device. Number four is MUM which is a multitasking uniform model. It is going to be designed to interpret multiple forms of media and visual data to form a single response. Number five is the short form of video. People are finding new ways to use videos. A short video is anything that is two minutes and 30 seconds or shorter. Number six is a deeper focus on customer intent and user experience. User experience is very important in how a person interacts with your product or service. Your user is always going to expect convenience. You can optimize the user experience with well-placed call-to-action buttons. So, these are some things that you must think about in 2022. Click here for more information https://fusiononemarketing.com/digital-marketing-trends-2022/


December 27, 2021


How to turn a negative review into a positive experience?


You cannot please everyone and do not feel bad if a customer gives a negative review. A few tips are given here that can help you to turn a negative review into a positive experience. 

Communication is important and you should try to provide your customers with as much information as possible.

Do not argue because it will aggravate the problem even if you know the negative review is unfair. The best way to handle negative feedback is to address the problem and find a way to make it right. 

Do a little research to find out and understand exactly what happened. You can provide a more informed response to the customer.

Do not ignore or delay in responding to a negative review. A negative review is the best way to reach out to your customers. You should tackle a negative review promptly.

You can counteract a negative review by creating a steady stream of positive customer reviews. You can give an easy way for your customers to leave a positive review about your business. 

You can use negative reviews to know the flaws in your business. A negative review helps you to make corrections in your business and allows you to improve. 

You can go to the following link for a full article https://fusiononemarketing.com/how-to-turn-a-negative-review-into-a-positive-experience/

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