Gaabor Hair-dryer Wholesale

Gaabor Hair-dryer Wholesale

Why can Gaabor hair blower machine be so popular on the Internet? People with a lot of hair always worry that it is not dry and takes a long time to dry. When you try to use the Gaabor hair dryer, you can dry your hair quickly and smooth your messing hair end, which won’t cause any trouble in overheating for a long time.


Introduction of Gaabor Hair Dryer

If you use a hair dryer just after washing your hair and getting it wet, it can demage your hair. If the moisture content of the hair is reduced to less than 10%, the hair strands will become coarse, split, and this is what happens when you use a blow dryer on your hair like this on a regular basis. Gaabor hair dryer using 22000rpm high speed motor, 3 levels of wind adjustment, adjustable wind speed, double temperature protection, double the safety, quick drying without harming the hair. Adopt bionic wing air duct, bass noise reduction.


Use of Hair Dryer

Standard mode, fast drying


Featuring highest air speed to dry your scalp and hair quickly;


Modeling nozzle for styling accurately


Quickly creating various styles, making naturally elastic curls;


Smooth air nozzle for straight hair


Equipped with wider air outlet to blow soft air, which is conducive to straightening the hair.


Hair Dryer Design

The core idea of Gaabor dryer design is to offer girls a durable and practical hair dryer. With high air force, it will not hurt your hair but quickly dry the hair, which can make your hair soft and neat.