General Purpose Silicone Rubber For Molding (Precipitated/Fumed)

An ideal solution for customers who need the technical advantages of silicone, but do not demand specific performance criteria.


A very capable all-around material with good physical and mechanical properties, high and low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, and prolonged use at temperatures from –60c to 200c.


Typically, these materials can be used for compression molded and extruded products. A post-cure is recommended to enhance physical properties.


Features of General Purpose Silicone Rubber for Molding (Precipitated/ Fumed)

Good resilience in moulding silicone


Excellent processing performance among general purpose silicone for molds


Passed ROHS, REACH and FDA test of all general purpose silicone rubbers


Applicable to the production of common buttons, seals, and other conventional strength products


Application: ordinary buttons, seals, and other conventional strength products.

Key Features: good resilience, excellent processability, pass ROHS, REACH, FDA.

Test: 50%DBPMH, add1%, 175℃×5min×15Mpa.