GetDandy- A Way to Dispute Reviews and Protect Your Business Reputation

So, you have your business online and you’re getting customers to your website and your Yelp page, but you’re afraid of one thing. Reviews! You’ve read about how one bad review can ruin your reputation and drive away new business, so you want to know how to dispute bad reviews on Yelp or Google to make them go away. You’ve heard that there’s GetDandy, an innovative solution that promises to give you the upper hand.


What Is GetDandy?

People love leaving reviews on websites like Google+, and others. However, a lot of the time these reviews are either fake or they’re not true. Whether it’s competitors trying to sabotage your business or disgruntled customers who have an axe to grind, inaccurate reviews can do irreparable harm to your reputation. That’s where GetDandy comes in. We offer a proprietary review dispute technology that lets businesses protect their reputation by having disputes resolved through our technology.


What Are the Benefits of Using GetDandy?

The GetDandy review dispute platform has a number of benefits that make it the best solution for business owners looking to protect their reputations. With GetDandy, businesses can now easily dispute any online review that is untrue or has been left by a competitor. The system also allows you to set up filters based on the type of reviews you want visible or invisible on your website, giving you control over what information potential customers see before making their purchase decision.