Global Market Prospects for Global Inspections Ndt


Nondestructive testing can determine the physical properties of materials, such as ductility, tensile strength and fracture toughness. We usually use non-destructive testing to determine the reliability and integrity of the product in order to control the whole manufacturing process. In addition, the government’s safety regulations are increasingly stringent in terms of quality control, reliability and safety of machine performance, while manufacturers’demand for improving machine quality and life is also increasing. These are the main factors contributing to the development of the global nondestructive testing equipment market. However, compared with the rapid development of equipment market, the lack of non-destructive professional and technical personnel is a difficult problem that we have to solve urgently.



The global inspections ndt equipment market is subdivided according to various nondestructive testing technologies, which are divided into ultrasonic testing, radiation testing, electromagnetic testing, visual testing and other testing technologies (including magnetic particle testing and penetration testing). Ultrasound testing equipment occupies a dominant position in the market. The main factor driving the growth of ultrasonic testing equipment market is its wide application in steel and aluminium materials, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, national defense and automotive industries.


According to the region, North America dominates the global inspections ndtequipment market, accounting for about 35.77% of the total market share. Large investments in energy industries such as oil and gas are the main drivers of North American market growth. At the same time, Europe’s equipment market is the second largest in the world, and its demand for global inspections ndtequipment will also be further enhanced in our future forecast stage. The demand for modernization of oil and gas and power generation industry is the main factor to promote the development of European market. The automotive industry is likely to make a significant contribution to Europe’s future equipment market. And we expect the Asia-Pacific region to be the fastest growing region by 2021.