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Guidewire Medical Device Wholesale & Bulk

Available in both coated and uncoated guide wires. Guide wire components include core wire (nitinol), guide wire spring ring (304 stainless steel) and guide wire tip. The coated guide wire is coated with Teflon for high lubricity to ensure excellent performance in surgical use.The superior coated adhesive has a more wear-resistant surface than conventional spray-coated spring wire and can be equipped with fixed or removable cores, single or double distal flexible ends, straight or J-shaped distal ends. The two types of guide wires are available in a wide range of sizes for different surgical operation needs.


Benefits of Medical Guide Wire

Unique design and manufacturing methods are combined with the most advanced material technology to produce standard and custom designed guide wires. Nitinol core wire greatly reduces the possibility of guide wire kinking, making it safe and reliable. Coated and uncoated guide wires are available for most clinical applications in neurology, radiology, gastroenterology, or other interventional catheterization procedures. SCW guide wires provide you with a better operating experience and high quality at a competitive price.


What Does A Guide Wire Do for Surgery?

The guide wire is used for percutaneous access to vascular system. It can be used to selectively introduce and position catheters and other medical devices within the vascular system. The device should only be used by physicians who are experienced in percutaneous, endovascular techniques and procedures.