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Hand Forged Japanese Wakizashi Sword Blue Blade Folded Steel Iron Tsuba Full Tang Sharp

Hand-forged Blue Wakizashi

The Japanese blue Wakizashi sword was an auxiliary sword used by the Samurai and worn alongside the Katana, wearing them together is a sign that the person is a Samurai, called Daisho. The Samurai Wakizashi is a backup sword, a great balanced sword that can be wielded either with one or two hands, also can be used in a tight place if a Samurai lost his Katana in the battle. We make matching blue Wakizashis and Katanas. All our blue Wakizashis are created for real use, using full tang construction to make a very strong, flexible blade. Make handsome display pieces for your home or office, it is also the best gift for your families and friends.


Blue Wakizashi Features:

Folded steel. Full Tang. Clay tempered.

Battle ready, not just a collectible.

Traditional craftsmanship, hand forged, hand polished.

Perfect balance, comfortable grip.

Gives away a free sword bag and spare Mekugi (Peg).

Free engraving available.


Hand-forged Blue Wakizashi Specification:

Overall Length:

76cm / 30″


51cm / 20″


21cm / 8.3″

Motohaba(width near habaki):


Sakihaba(width near yokote):




Kasane(thickness at habaki):


Sakikasane(thickness at yokote):



Maru, Folded Steel

Saya Material:

Hardwood+Buffalo Horn

Handle Material:

Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin


Iron, 74*74*4mm


Notes for Hand-forged Blue Wakizashi:

The display stand and packing box aren’t included.

Our blue wakizashi is 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.

All our katana swords are hand forged by swordsmiths,  the forging time about 7-15 days. For some high-performance swords may require longer hand forged processing time, depending on the difficulty of the craft.