Handheld New Deisgn Light Weight Steamer For Clothes


The mini hang iron is small in size and very convenient to carry. This good handheld steamer for clothes does not take up any space in the suitcase on a business trip. It can also be carried by hand. This portable handheld clothes steamer heats up quickly and is easy to operate.


Features of Handheld New Design Light Weight Steamer For Clothes

Strong steam: continuously remove wrinkles and fast softening shapes


Artistic design: integrated molding light handle feeling


Water tank hidden design: scientific seal design with no leakage


Straight-line acceleration and smooth steam output: strong steam flow, penetrate clothing easily


Suitable for various fabrics: silk, fiber, nylon, polyester fiber, flannelette, wool, cotton, hemp material


Temperature control: built-in temperature control protection chip automatically power off while overheating