Have a garden party in style

On this page we have gathered some inspiration for your garden party, which we hope can help you in the planning. Are you having a garden party? So do it with manners. Rent the right equipment, which makes the party a little more sociable and superb. At teltudlejning you can rent EVERYTHING you need for the garden party:


We make your garden party shine like the sun, and if the weather is bad, we also provide heat, floor and light in the tent you rent. There are no limits to your options – we know this from years of experience. We have lots of great ideas that you can consider if you are having a garden party.

Find the right garden tent

If you know which garden your party should be held in, then you need to find the perfect garden tent. There is a lot to choose from when we talk a garden tent. At teltudlejning, a garden tent is not necessarily a small tent that fits into a smaller villa garden. A garden tent can also easily be on the city’s common area – common garden. Below we have gathered a few different sizes, which range from a modest garden party.

The selected tents are just ideas for a suitable garden tent, we have many more sizes that you can find right here. You can also rightly rent a food tent separately from the party tent. It can be difficult to find the right size of tent. Therefore, we hope that our size guide can help. Is size still a challenge? Teltudlejning is happy to come by your address and measure the garden, so you get the perfect garden tent. See more here. You can also always contact us for personal help.

Tent for garden party

Once the tent is in place, you have secured the perfect setting for your garden party. Then it’s time to think about all the accessories for the party. Practically, you will most likely need tables and chairs, tableware and decorations. If your garden party is to mimic an indoor climate, we are also happy to help with setting up walls, doors, floors and heating. Then the garden party does not have to stop when the sun goes down.

Garden party

Once the guests have had a little fun, consider what should happen on the day of your garden party. It may well be that you can enjoy each other’s company without needing more. On the other hand, it may well be that you want a little sociable entertainment that makes your garden party even better.

Find the right entertainment

Entertainment for the garden party should not be underestimated. When we say entertainment, it does not have to be an event where all the guests have to concentrate.

For example, you get far with a jukebox and good music. It can also be a small bouncy castle where the little ones can burn some gunpowder off continuously. In addition, you can buy a nail block or rent a nail block with all accessories. Then anyone who wants a little competition can unfold themselves over the classic game with nails and hammers. If the garden party consists of pure boys’ horns, you can also rent this complete party set.

Can we help you?

We hope you have found inspiration for your garden party. For over 30 years we have arranged, planned and delivered for various garden parties. So even though a garden party is very unique, we have most likely helped with at least a few pieces that are reminiscent of the format similar to your garden party.

Get inspiration for a different type of party

Of course, garden parties are not the only thing we can help with and have experience with. During events, you can get inspiration for everything from the city party, the summer party, the confirmation party, the birthday, the wedding party, the street party, the company party, the reception and much more.