High Temperture Corematerial-Based VIP For Wide Temperature Range (-196℃-800℃)

With unique structure of thermal dissipation – thermal insulation – thermal dissipation”, achieved thermal insulation in vertical direction through vacuum process, High thermal conductivity materials provide good thermal dissipation along the VIP plane direction, which can be organically combined with the thermal dissipation system to achieve thermal management Customize the solution of your energy storage and insulation in the extreme temperature zone from -196’C to 800°C . As an innovative thermal insulation material, wide temperature range VIP can replace non-vacuum insulation material, such as high silica cotton, ceramic fiber felt, aerogel felt, glass fiber paper, PIR, PUR, etc.


The VIP is the fifth generation VIP upgraded product of our company, which mainly solves the heat insulation problems in the field of new energy batteries and energy storage. It is a kind of product made of aluminum foil or stainless steel foil as membrane material, basalt fiber, high silicon fiber and others as core materials. After vacuuming, it is encapsulated by welding. M-VIP has features of high and low temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, long service life, puncture resistance, high compressive strength and Class A non-combustible. It can be used as high temperature thermal insulation materials instead of high silica oxygen cotton, silica aerogel and aerogel felt.


Advantages of High Temperture Corematerial-Based VIP For Wide Temperature Range (-196℃-800℃)

Unique Structure of ”Heat Dissipation-Thermal Insulation-Heat Dissipation”


The interior of the metal VIP is filled with heat-resistant core materials and vacuumed, showing excellent heat insulation effect in the direction perpendicular to the metal VIP. The external cladding material is aluminum foil or stainless steel foil with high thermal conductivity, which has good heat dissipation effect in the direction parallel to the metal VIP. The heat sink with high thermal conductivity can also be connected at the edge and connected to the heat dissipation system so as to play a better heat dissipation effect. Metal VIP can be applied to new energy battery heat insulation and other special heat insulation scenarios.


Excellent Heat Insulation at Steady


State high temperatures:The thermal insulation properties of 8mm VIP and 9mm aerogel felt with the same length and width were compared at 400℃ and 600℃. Compared with aerogel felt, the back temperature of VIP metal was significantly lower and the heating rate was slower.


Excellent Heat Insulation at Unsteady High Temperatures


In the unsteady (rapid temperature rise) tests, the metal VIP insulation performance was better than the aerogel felt.