Hospital Use Chair Manufacturer

Hospital Use Chair Types


For a hospital, there must be kinds of medical equipment accessories, and hospital chairs is a must to meet common people, patients, medical works to use. For example, waiting chairs for common people, infusion chairs for patients, attendant chair for relatives and other chairs for doctors and nurses. Professional chair for hospital can well serve different kinds of people.


Infusion Chair

Infusion chair is used for people to be put on a drip. The basic functions are chair, infusion bottle or bag hook.


Attendant Chair

Attendant chair is a kind chair provided for family members of patients to sit or sleep at ward. It consists of a bed frame, a hook, an adjustable movable foot, a movable supporting hook, and an adjus…


Waiting Chair

Waiting chairs normally to be used at hospitals, airports, train stations and other places. Normally there are single seats, two seats until five seats.