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How common is GPS jamming and we need a GPS blocker

The eraser is often seen in the examination room and there is nothing unusual about it. But if you embed an electronic device in the eraser, it would become an important test cheat tool. The little eraser actually has an article. Recently, the police investigated that some students use eraser cheating in examination. This “eraser” is actually a disguised plastic box with a display at the bottom. Other perpetrators stay around the examination room. Send the answer to the candidate using a wireless transmitter.Use cell phone jammer can avoid this.

At present, more and more test cheating tools have appeared one after another, with the earliest hidden headphones, to the latest screen eraser, remote watch, sound guide glasses and so on. According to the statistics of relevant personnel, there are dozens of known cheating tools for exams, which makes it hard to prevent. Recently, an Australian college responded that installing phone jammer in the classroom has prevented students from cheating on exams.

The signal jammer device is simple, it can block all types of mobile phone signals. Once working, all mobile phones in the nearby range will not be able to make calls and send and receive messages. In other words, cell phone signal jammer can block all mobile phone signal bands, such as CDMA GSM. 3G 4G, etc., all mobile phone signal jamming devices of jammer-mart have this function. If you have a strong power interference device placed in the exam room, there is no need to worry about candidates using electronic devices for cheating.

With the development of technology, the tracking industry has been in a state of development, and advanced tracking and positioning technology has been adopted, so many complicated trackers have appeared. GPS trackers already have GPS jammers , and they also use cellular tower triangulation. But is this device really effective, is there a way to get them?

Now there are a variety of dedicated GPS jammers that absolutely disable all types of GPS devices in a particular area. The use of such GPS blockers provides comprehensive protection for its owners, protecting them from some tracking devices and spy gadgets. Using gps jamming devices is the ideal equipment for the official.

The tracking device is so advanced, small in size, and constantly monitors our position. How can we solve this problem? So big cars are always easy to put such a small device, we can’t turn the car to the bottom, this time we need a anti-tracking gps blocker , cutting off the GPS signal, GPS tracker will lose its effectiveness, protect our location privacy and security.