How Much Does An Orange County Family Law Attorney Charge?

When you need legal advice or help, the first step is to hire an attorney. The second step is the most crucial since you need to know how much the lawyer will charge. Most attorneys bill by the hour, and fees vary. It all depends on your lawyer, the complexity of your case, and where you choose to contest it.


While most attorneys do not discuss costs, here are a few pointers to help you.


●     Indicate that you will not waste too much time by ensuring that you jot down facts of the case, bring witnesses to meet the lawyer, and keep handy all documents necessary for the case.

●     Discuss your case and personal finances openly with the lawyer. Ask whether he will consider a consolidated fee instead of an hourly rate.

●     Explain how your case will benefit him and his firm. Sometimes even big firms and lawyers take on cases for less than their standard rates if it will benefit them in some way.

●     If you need legal representation for your family or yourself on a sustained basis, many firms do offer a better rate based on the volume of work you will bring them.

●     Save money by not wasting the lawyer’s time on phone calls. Remember, you’ll be spending their time even if you are having a friendly chat or are weeping on his shoulder. Prepare to be short and precise when you speak to him. As far as possible, put things down on paper and send them to his office. Emails work better than phone calls.

●     You definitely know your case better than anyone else; therefore, make detailed notes such as names, addresses, etc., for the attorney. This way, you will not waste time meeting with the lawyer unless unavoidable.

●     Request for regular billing and keep track of the time, costs, and so on.


Always put things down in writing, especially the fee agreement. In fact, by law, any legal fees over USD 1000 must be agreed upon in writing.


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