How to book Massage Places Near Me service and the prices?

First, find a massage spa by writing “places for a massage near me” in the Google search bar. After finding a spa, checking its prices and booking is very easy. Massagefang provides professional services and assures quality in best massages therapy. 

Check prices of different massages by massage Fang here.


A. Relaxation Massage

For 60 minutes massage, it charges $75.

To get 90 minutes relaxation massage, you have to pay $110.

One hundred twenty minutes of relaxation massage costs $135.

You will get a 30-minute massage for just $50 

B. Swedish Massage 

For getting 30 minutes massages, you need $50.

Swedish massage of 120 minutes requires $142.

$120 is the price of 90 minutes Swedish massage.

To get one hour massage, you will pay $80. 

C. Deep Tissue Massage 

Pay $85 and get 60 minutes massage 

90 minutes deep tissue massage costs $125

You will pay $65 for getting half an hour massage.

Online Booking Process 

Go to massagefang official site and land on the reservation page. Select massage services which you want to avail yourself of.

Choose a particular date and time for a massage. 

Fill in information boxes such as name, phone number, email, etc. 

Confirm your booking. You will get the best massage therapy.