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How to Choose the Medical Door (Patient Room Door)

The patient room door is used in public area of hospital. The hospital is a special place where there are large flow of people and intensive patients,  which easily causes collision or cross infection. Therefore, the following aspects should be taken into consideration in choosing the patient room door:


1. Safety and durability of patient room door


Safety and durability are the main factors in choosing the patient room door. How can we choose a secure and durable patient room door? First, the material. The materials of the patient room door include wood, Resin, composite panel and steel, etc. In recent years, steel is chosen to build. The qualified medical steel door surface materials are used for hot-melt galvanizing. The steel plate is sprayed by high voltage electrostatic powder;


2. Production process of patient room door


The production process is related to the height and influences the security. Sometimes, door locks, hinges and other hardware are hard to release. Corners and corners need to be rounded for transition; Screw welding and fixation can not be used around the door leaf, because the opening frequency of the hospital door is very high. If the screw is loose, there will be safety problems when placing the solder joint. Now, the high-end medical steel door basically has a bite structure, which can be used without separation. The door frame is embedded with sealing buffer strip, which is convenient for later embedding.


3. Antibacterial property of patient room door


There are many patients in hospital which easily causes cross infection. The door handle and the door leaf are easily accessible, so all door handles and door surfaces must be antibacterial. The qualified surface coating of the patient room door should use antibacterial powder coating; silver ions can slow down the rapid division of bacteria after being added.


4. Aesthetics of patient room door


Aesthetics is also a very important factor which makes doctors and patients feel comfortable. The color is decided according to the environment.