How To Choose The Right Welding Fume Extractor

Are you looking for an industrial fume extractor for laser marking, cutting, or welding conditions that produce industrial exhaust fumes? Then you are in the right place. Villo has an excellent fume extraction system.


Why the industry needs an industrial fume extractor?

1.Health and safety


Not just harmful smoke and dust, such as acetaldehyde, isocyanate, nitrogen oxides, etc., will cause serious harm to human health. Even if it is not carcinogenic and submicron soot, it can also cause human health problems. Dusty air can cause respiratory tract damage, dyspnea, and allergy. When smoke and dust cause employees’ health problems, they may frequently ask for leave or leave, which will lead to an invisible increase in the production and operation costs of enterprises. Industrial fume extractors can effectively solve such problems.


Industrial Fume Extractor


2.Environmental responsibility


Each country has its environmental protection standards. There are two reasons for enterprises to install industrial fume extractors. One is to consider employees’ health, and the other is to consider the environmental protection assessment of relevant departments. Therefore, the exhaust of smoke exhauster must meet the national standards to avoid damage to enterprises’ economic interests.


3.Better working atmosphere


Working in a factory with smoke and dust will harm the health of employees and reduce their work efficiency. In order to create an excellent working atmosphere, the factory needs to be equipped with an industrial fume extractor.


Industrial Fume Extractor


What is an industrial fume extractor?

The industrial fume extractor is a high-efficiency air purifier designed for industrial waste gas and dust. It is a complete air purification system composed of dust pipe, filter unit, dust fan, and circuit control elements. The industrial fume extractor is widely used in machinery, hardware, electronic appliances, photoelectric, chemical, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, biological and other industries and other places with smoke and dust pollution.


What should we be careful when choosing an Industrial Fume Extractor?

Some enterprises only consider their economy when choosing the welding fume extractor. In fact, there are other essential issues to consider to select the best industrial fume extractor for your working condition.


Villo industrial fume extractor is widely praised by customers for its advantages: a strong economy, high quality, and good durability.


The following are the critical points for selecting an industrial fume extractor:


1.Industrial fume extractor needs to meet your own working conditions.

Some factors affect the machine’s selection:


The type and nature of the smoke


The layout of the device


The requirement of the floor space


The convenience of replacing the filter element


Villo has an experienced professional team that can customize industrial smoke exhaust systems/equipment for you and provides customers with high-quality products.


Industrial Fume Extractor


2.Industrial fume extractors must have the advantages of high quality, good durability, and a strong economy.

Industrial fume extractor generally needs to work continuously, so its durability is essential. The key to ensuring the machine’s durability is to choose the smoke exhauster of good quality and the manufacturer with a good reputation. Simultaneously, on the premise of guaranteeing the quality and durability of an industrial fume extractor, cheap equipment is also the focus of many enterprises, which reduces the input cost of enterprises.


Villo has great industrial fume extraction systems. The purification efficiency of our industrial fume extractor is as high as 99.9%. The purifier can filter 0.3 μm fine particles with high precision, and the dust purification standard is higher than the national standard. The dust purified by our industrial fume extractor will not cause any pollution to the environment. Therefore, the purified dust can directly flow into the workshop. Our industrial fume extractor provides help for the pollution-free workshop you need.