How to Improve the Accuracy of Cold Roll Forming Machine?


The cold roll forming machine is one of the most commonly used rolling shutter door equipment, its using effect largely depends on the accuracy of the equipment itself. So in its operation process, how to improve the accuracy of the cold roll forming machine to the best state? We should pay attention to all aspects.


The first point is the selection of the key part of the cold bending machine, that is, the roll, whose material must have good wear resistance, hardness and strength. The second point is to ensure the stability of the operation of the cold roll forming machine. Since the material will swing in the raceway during processing, the swing direction should be controlled according to the actual force.


There is also a key point, that is, the accuracy of the roller processing in the cold roll forming machine. Moreover, in the main drive of the equipment, the roller tapered bearing should be selected, and the radial runout of the main shaft should be within 0.04mm, so as to avoid movement.


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