how to reset descale on keurig

Keurig K Supreme Descale

What Scale Is In The Keurig K-Supreme?

In a coffee maker, scale refers to the accumulation of hard water residues. Your Keurig collects calcium, magnesium, and other minerals from the water, which can block the device and affect your coffee’s taste.

Hard water looks milky when first coming out from the faucet. So when the water in shower heads or faucets in your household has a chalky appearance, you can tell that hard water is running through the pipes.

However, since mineral deposits are present to some degree in all water, you can’t avoid descaling completely.

Hard water may also be there if you use filtered water to make coffee using the Keurig K-Supreme Plus. Its buildup will give you a headache.

What Does Resetting Descale Mean?

Descaling your Keurig machine means using a descaling solution to clean calcium buildup from the coffee maker’s pipes.

The descale light will warn when something prevents the water from flowing correctly. Although the light primarily informs you of the calcium buildup, it isn’t the only problem.

Some people use refillable K-cups because they don’t want to toss plastic cups every time they make coffee using the machine. However, some manufacturers of refilled cups offer greater flow space than others.

Another possibility is when you pack the cup too firmly, which can stop the water from pouring. These two factors may cause the descale light to turn on.

When we mention “resetting descale” in the Keurig K Supreme Plus, we mean clearing the scale in the machine so the descale light will turn off.