How to take care after laser hair removal treatment

The most effective laser hair removal machine uses the selective photothermal principle to act on the hair follicle at the root of the hair. The melanin cells in the hair follicle absorb the specific wavelength of light and the light energy is converted into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle tissue, thus causing the hair to lose its ability to regenerate and achieving the effect of hair removal.

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How to take care after laser hair removal treatment

1. Very few people may have scabs after laser hair removal treatment, they must fall off by themselves, do not use your hands to remove them, otherwise there will be pigmentation, a few people can see the skin red spots, cold wet compresses, serious people can be used externally glucocorticoid ointment.

2. The treatment area should not be exposed to overheated water and scrubbing for 1 week after treatment, sauna is prohibited, apply moisturizing body lotion and pay attention to sun protection.

3. Depending on the area, regular treatment is required to achieve the desired effect of hair removal, and you should not scrape the hair after it grows out, otherwise it will affect the effect of hair removal.

4. Do not use other methods of hair removal during the treatment period, whether physical or chemical, to avoid stimulating the hair follicles and affecting the hair removal effect, or causing local inflammatory reactions and pigmentation due to improper operation.

5. Please follow the doctor’s instructions with medicinal products, strengthen the repair, hydration and sun protection, reduce outdoor activities for a week, go home to rest and follow the dermatologist laser hair removal course.

Introduction to Laser Hair Removal

As the most advanced laser hair removal method in the medical aesthetics industry, with the selective photothermal action of the laser and the professional ice diode laser hair removal device, the client can maintain the best experience during the treatment. A cold gel is applied to the area prior to the treatment so that the heat emitted by the laser does not cause thermal damage to the surface of the skin during hair removal, reducing the burning sensation during the treatment.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal

1. Permanent laser hair removal

During the laser hair removal treatment, the laser light released can directly penetrate the surface of the skin and act directly on the root of the hair follicle, destroying the structural tissue of the hair follicle and achieving permanent hair removal. At the same time, there is no effect on the surrounding tissue that does not contain melanin particles, which is safer.

2. Safe and less irritating

Laser hair removal reduces the energy intensity of a single treatment and increases the frequency of exposure. At the same time, in order not to affect the normal sweating function of the dermis, the treatment equipment is equipped with ruby treatment light head, which can realize the local surface skin down to 4-5 degrees, effectively reducing the probability of thermal damage and reducing the pain during the treatment process.

3. The laser wavelength is most suitable

Through clinical practice, it is proved that the laser wavelength used in laser hair removal is near the infrared region, which is more conducive to be absorbed by melanin, while the penetrating power is very considerable, which can act on the deep subcutaneous tissue and achieve a comprehensive and precise action on the hair follicles.

The advent of ice laser hair removal technology

The technique is popular with men, especially those who have long leg hair, and many men are afraid to show it off in case it causes discomfort to others. The technique has the advantage of being painless, quick, thorough, safe and effective. The results are fully guaranteed. However, it should be noted that not all hairs are in the anagen phase during the treatment process, some hairs may be in the non-anagen phase and the results will be poor. In order to achieve permanent laser hair removal, a course of treatment is required, usually around 3-4 sessions, with some clients with heavy hair growth may require 7-8 sessions to achieve perfect results. This is because hair can regrow and eradication cannot be achieved in just one or two sessions. Although men are more likely to grow hair again after treatment, the amount of new hair will be reduced and will not be too coarse and dark.

On the question of why anagen hair is more suitable for hair removal, I think we first need to recognise the three growth cycles of hair: anagen, transition and dormancy. Normally, laser hair removal treatment is only effective on hair in the anagen phase, when the pigment particles within the hair follicle have the strongest ability to absorb laser energy. The hair follicle structure is also the most unstable and therefore the best results are achieved at this time. In addition, the number of hair removal sessions for men depends on the area of hair removal, density and so on, but the results are usually visible after the first hair removal session.