How You Can Win Your Child Custody Dispute

Unfortunately, child custody rules are extensive & can be difficult to understand. Almost all custody issues are resolved by a judge, who is seen as an unbiased third party. It is difficult to navigate family law courts since child custody rules differ from state to state. Here are some general guidelines.


Keep these three points in mind while attempting to win a child custody battle. First & foremost, keep your child’s best interests in mind. Second, make a good first impression. Third, hire a good child custody lawyer. When attempting to win a child custody battle, always consider your child’s best interests.


If you want to win custody & fair child support, you have to convince a judge that you will be a better parent to your child/children than your spouse. This might mean that you have to spend more time with your child, that you will be able to keep your child in the same school, or that your child will have a better home with you.


Keep in mind all of the ideas that your child would benefit from custody, & then focus on those things. When you go before a judge for a child custody dispute, remember to present yourself in the best possible light. If you don’t own a suit, go and buy one. If you look like Bigfoot’s cousin, shave & get a haircut.


If you don’t have a job, go & find one. Your spouse will also be trying to convince the judge that she would be a better parent than you, so don’t give her any extra ammunition. Last but not least, get a good child custody attorney. As we said before, child custody law is confusing. An expert can help you present yourself in the best possible light to win your case. In general, you should get the best lawyer that you can afford.


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