Hytera New Generation Business Radio

Discover Enhanced Business Two Way Radio

The business radios are the perfect choice for instant communication, which are compact, well-designed, and easy to use. In the past years, Hytera has won the trust of customers with its professional technology and high-quality products in the business field. Commercial customers have new expectations for business radios.


The AP5 and BP5 series business radios with extended range and a bunch of productivity and efficiency increasing features, the business radios bring a more reliable, efficient, and comfortable communication experience to commercial users.


Elevate the Performance to the Next Level


Enhanced Audio Clearly

Noise cancellation, eliminates unwanted background noise

3W high-power loudspeaker, loudness up to 90 dB (at 30 cm away, 300 Hz – 3 kHz), increased by 3dB

Howling suppression, eliminates unwanted acoustic feedback when close to each other

AGC, ensures the sound stability


Extended Communication Distance

Brand-new radio frequency scheme and antenna design

Sensitivity up to 0.18 μV

Communication distance increased by 11%


Type-C Charging

Fully charged just in 1.8 hours

10 hours of talk time on one hour of charging

Share the charging cable with a smartphone

Charge the radio with a power bank


Improved User Experience

Long-life keys, over 400,000 presses

Secure Interface, 9-pin accessory connector

Anti-slip and durable texture, anti-abrasive housing to withstand 10,000 times of friction


Better Efficiency

VOX, allows you to speak without pressing and holding the PTT key, freeing your hand

Voice broadcast, confirms the operation of a programmable button or changes the channel of non-display radios

Multiple channels, assign right people to right channel for right task

Additional Features



Allows you to listen to activities on other channels, keeping track of colleagues.


Trustworthy Quality

Professional communication production line, and manufactures each walkie-talkie in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards.


Scrambler Function

Protects your voice communications against casual listeners Inverts and restores the frequency spectrum of a certain frequency point to encrypt the voice.(*Coming soon)


Compact and Light

Making it lighter and thinner than similar products, easy to carry and use.