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IDEAFIY Poseidon-480 Pro II, a specialized drone with camera for offshore fishing, is highly sealed, waterproof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.


Professional Waterproof Fishing Drones-Born for Fishing!


IDEAFIY Poseidon 480 fishing drone has the characteristics of long battery life, strong load capacity, multiple flight modes, waterproof and windproof, etc. In addition, this waterproof fishing drone also has real-time video monitoring, multifunctional projector, all-round security system, night lighting navigation, and other functions.    


If you are looking for the best yet cheap fishing drone with camera for offshore fishing, this IDEAFIY Poseidon Pro II fishing drone for sale will be your great choice!


Stable and Reliable Waterproof Fishing Drone Kit


IDEAFIY Poseidon-480 Pro II Fishing Drone For Sale


Innovative Waterproof Design

Poseidon-pro II fishing UAV adopts innovative waterproof structure design, which is more suitable for anglers’ use characteristics and environment. This bait drone for sale plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability of flight control system of fishing UAV.


Nano Waterproof Treatment

The Brush-less motor of Poseidon-pro II fishing UAV, fishing projector and other accessories are all processed with special Na-no waterproof treatment, so that it can be used in the corrosive seawater for a long time.


High-end Light Anti-corrosion Material

The fuselage material of this waterproof fishing drone adopts high-end, light, anti-corrosion material, which has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength and no deformation. The density of this material is less than that of water, leaving more space for a load of the waterproof fishing drone.


High-performance Flight Controller


Safe and Stable Flight Control, Comfortable Control and Experience


Holybro V5 Pixhawk4 mini PIX

IDEAFIY Poseidon-480 Pro II Fishing Drone has the most stable flight control system in the world. The flight control system used by Poseidon-480 PRO Ⅱ fishing drone is Holybro open-source flight control V5 Pixhawk4 mini PIX fourth-generation PX4.


The built-in automatic GPS course correction and GPS compass interference monitoring

The built-in automatic GPS course correction and GPS compass interference monitoring

This flight control of our Poseidon 480 fishing drone has the built-in GPS automatic heading correction function and GPS compass interference monitoring function. The combination of the two can provide more stable flight and minimal electromagnetic interference. Thus, IDEAFLY’s Poseidon Pro II series is more suitable for complex fishing environments.


Long Flight Time, Large Load


Poseidon-480 PRO II has a built-in high-capacity, optional high-performance 4500mAh 6s lithium polymer battery. The no-load hovering time of this waterproof fishing drone series reaches 32 minutes, and there is enough blanking time.


30min+ Flight Time

Poseidon-pro II waterproof fishing drone is equipped with large capacity and high-voltage lithium polymer battery, which can guarantee the flight time to reach more than half an hour.


3KG Large Load

The large size carbon fiber propeller and large capacity battery of this drone bait dropper enable itself to have a flight time of 8 minutes even under a load of 2.5KG.


Power on When Drop Bait Many Times

With more humanized and waterproof switch design, Poseidon 480 fishing drone is more convenient for fishermen to not completely cut off power when they drop the bait for several times.


Mobile Phone APP+ HD Image Transmission



5G HD Image Transmission + 4K HD Anti-Shake Camera + Perfect Upgrade Of Single-Axis PTZ

High-definition 4k image transmission, electronic anti-shake, mobile phone APP (5G WiFi) for real-time aircraft flight status, data, and video monitoring: real-time video transmission distance can reach 1000m. The fishing dispenser is a patented product specially developed by IDFTECH for our Poseidon 480 fishing drones. The upgraded structural design is more convenient for anglers to put the fishing line on the fishing dispenser. The small and light structure design, coupled with the smallest waterproof steering gear and 4k high-definition anti-shake camera, can control the pitch angle of 25-90°, which minimizes the weight of the fishing launcher.


Android, IOS Tablets Available

The APP of Poseidon pro series supports android and IOS mobile phones and tablets. It can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, and the display of the IDEAFLY Poseidon series can provide the operator with vital data including distance, height, speed, battery power, and GPS satellite maps, etc.


Night Light Function

5G HD digital image transmission system combined with night lighting function of Poseidon fishing drone provides great convenience for fishing at night or dark environment.


POSEIDON-480 PRO II-Drone| Parameter




waterproof level



Weight of single drone


Including standard battery

Weight of one set


Battery/propeller/ thrower/camera/charger/ packaging

flight control

V5 Pixhawk4 mini


Packing size( carton packaging)



Image transmission distance



Waterproof level

Float for 3 hours


Diagonal distance(without propeller)



Propeller blade size



Motor mode



ESC parameters



Maximum rising speed



Maximum falling speed



Maximum horizontal flight speed



Maximum tilt angle



Working temperature



Satellite positioning module

ublox Neo-M8N GPS / GLONASS receiver

integrated magnetometer IST8310

Hover accuracy (wind speed less than or equal to 6)

Vertical +0.8m. horizontal+2. 5m


Maximum wind speed level

Class 8


Maximum load



Flight time(No load)



Flight time( Load 1kg)



Flight time( Load 2.5kg)



Single axis gimbal

4K camera