Incoloy 800/800H/800HT Wire Mesh

Jay Steel Corporation is a well-known supplier and producer of Incoloy 800H wire mesh, which is proposed for high-temperature executive applications. Incoloy 800H wire mesh is suggested for service under extreme heat temperature through a normal harden. Our Wire Mesh is a solution heat stroke and inhibited – carbon form of steel by having an improved high temp characteristic. Incoloy 800H Wire Mesh is used in chemical processing, ethylene incinerator quenches reservoirs, petrochemical processing and many more. Incoloy 800HT Wire Mesh are being used for elevated temp functions rendering the finest creep properties and shattered qualities. Incoloy 800H wire mesh displays many advantages and is mostly recommended by the standard of the industry. We Fabricate, Supplier & Trader of Incoloy 800H wirework which is an amalgam of nickel, iron and chromium that can still keep up a steady structure, is drawn-out soaring temperature, and it is having outstanding corrosion and high pressure.