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Intelligent Toilet Wiring Harness

Intelligent toilet wiring harness is composed of power board wiring, main control board wiring harness, namely hot wire, key signal output line, to achieve the intelligent toilet temperature control and flushing functions.


Intelligent Toilet Wiring Harness Features


Safe and Reliable

Switching power supply circuit is adopted. Its main functions, is to provide the main control board with +5V, +12V, +24V DC voltage, and PWM signal.



Accurate Temperature Control

To heat the seat ring, the power is 48W ~ 53W. Seat temperature is generally controlled at 37±3. The body sensor is used to ensure that the flush switch does not turn on until the person is sensed to sit down, so there is no need to worry about the danger caused by the wrong switch.


Applications of Intelligent Toilet Wiring Harness


The main control board is the control center of the system. MCU PIC16F946I/PT controls the SCR, nozzle reversing valve motor, air booster pump, nozzle swing motor, drying motor, deodorizer motor, automatic clamshell, seat ring, and alarm buzzer, etc. The main control board also includes a driving circuit of the above devices.


That is, the heat control board is used to control the heating time and power of the ceramic heating pipe on the water in the printing heat component, and to control the water temperature in the hot body water tank, which is convenient to meet the needs of users. The main chip used is also a single chip PIC16F688. The system collects temperature information through three temperature sensors and converts it into a voltage value, which is sent to the single-chip microcomputer after amplification. The control signal is judged and output to the SCR control circuit. Finally, the SCR control circuit controls the ceramic heating tube to achieve the required water temperature.