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Are there any benefits to lifting the armrest of your gaming chair? Or is it just a myth designed to drive up profits for replacement parts? Well, we decided to take a look and see if that is true.




There are many styles and functions of gaming chairs, which can be divided into PU, PVC, linen, etc. according to the fabric. Mixing and matching fabrics is a major feature of gaming chairs. According to the test results of European seat experts, the backrest is specially designed for sports cars. Soft leather, racing-specific carbon fibre imitation leather material on the seat cushion, and the flanks are still decorated with well-received racing-specific grain cloth. The armrests of gaming chairs are also divided into many types, such as fixed armrests, lift armrests, rotating lift armrests, etc. Is it necessary to lift armrests for gaming chairs? If you buy it, is it better to buy a rotating lift armrest or a lift armrest?




In fact, there has always been controversy about this issue. Some people think it is unnecessary because they feel that there are not many places to use it, but the price is too expensive; however, some people think that the lift armrest is more comfortable to sit on. And if you want to know how to choose, then the recommendation is to buy according to personal needs. It is recommended that if you buy a gaming chair to use as a common computer chair, or you don’t usually use the gaming chair for much time, then you can buy a gaming chair with fixed armrests, which is cheap and practical.


However, if you often use a gaming chair like a blue gaming chair, especially for playing games, then it is recommended to buy a gaming chair with liftable armrests. Because first of all, from the perspective of e-sports games, whether it is raising and lowering the armrest, leaning back, lying flat or other functions, these are essential. Secondly, if you are sitting for a long time, then the armrest naturally needs to be used frequently, but if it cannot be raised and lowered, then the height is too low, and the human body has to tilt down the shoulders, which affects comfort; and if the armrest height is too high If so, the shoulders will remain tight for a long time, which may cause frozen shoulder.


To sum up, if you are sitting for a long time, the lifting armrest function of the gaming chair is very necessary, which can not only make the human body sit more comfortably, but also protect the neck and shoulders from injury. However, with the upgrading of gaming chairs, now gaming chairs not only have lifting armrests, but some also have a rotating function. In contrast, rotating lifting armrests are better than lifting armrests, because it is impossible for the human body to sit all the time. In the same posture, if it can be rotated, the elbows can always be supported by armrests, protect the elbow joints, and relax the hands.