Issues we care about here at Partnerships for Impact (P4i)

We focus on all social issues that the world is facing. But, the most important ones for us are Health, Education, Gender, Livelihoods, Human Rights, Agriculture and Food Systems, and Climate Change. We know that if we can do a little to help with these issues, we will have taken a huge step in helping the world. We are committed to environmental sustainability and social justice Our purpose is to prevent and relieve hunger worldwide. We work to sustain livelihoods and improve the well-being of the local communities. If you are a social enterprise passionate about finding and scaling innovative solutions to the pressing challenges we face today while being financially sustainable, we can help you. How do we do this? We do this by matching donors and philanthropists with impact-driven social enterprises. We connect you with local organizations or enterprises working on issues you want to focus on based on your interest, risk appetite and capital absorption capacity. we help in Assessing the value proposition, short-term gain or long-term impact of organizations and/or enterprises based and assist you in shortlisting and/or selecting the one(s) you want to invest in and support. We help develop the standards for impact evaluation and monitor the working on invested capital once you choose an issue or issues and an organization or enterprise.