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Discover the cutest and most stylish toddler and baby clothes in Australia at Crafty Wolf. Shop for adorable baby dresses, comfortable rompers and fun kids costumes.

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Crafty Wolf Australia is an Australian company primarily shipping worldwide. We are  committed to delivering innovation and convenience to its customers. We are your one-stop destination to all your daily needs – spreading positivity and creativity with our unique finds.We founded Crafty Wolf Australia in 2023 and it is our mission to only list the BEST and most AFFORDABLE items on this website for your regular toddler and baby needs.

Hey everyone! I’m Megan the owner and creator of Crafty Wolf Australia. I’ll let you know the story of how this brand and business came about. I am a chef by trade and this is my second income. I live on the Central Coast. It all started as a small eBay shop during COVID. I was testing the waters and seeing what would sell and wouldn’t sell. Not long after I found out I was pregnant with my first child and I was excited and started down the path of making my own bibs and burp cloths and experimenting more and more. A few months later I miscarriaged the child at the first scan and I was heartbroken and I stopped the baby side of things. I have since moved on from the person I was with back then and I have started the journey forward once again in making baby wear.

Crafty Wolf Australia was named after my favourite animal- The Wolf. I have always loved wolves growing up and they were quickly my favourite.  There’s something about wolves that just intrigues me. It is probably because they work well together in a pack and also can be a lone wolf which is basically what I am like.

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Location:- Lake Munmorah, NSW, Australia, New South Wales

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