James Wolfgramm is the Great Social Workers


James Wolfgramm donates 200k masks to Utah Law Enforcement and First Responders in Utah County. James Wolfgramm stated: ” Money can’t replace the value of human lives. As a young entrepreneur, business isn’t nothing easy. A Lot of failure makes a person become a sharper business person from those experiences. This is inventory from the first pandemic in 2020. I’m taking something from a negative situation that I won’t go into details. So, I’m donating it to something positive in 2022 to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.” We appreciate James Wolfgramm’s contributions and his Good Samaritan act of loving his community. He concluded: “That when you do good, there will be people who always find a reason to tear you down. Especially when all you want to do is ” Making Good Men become Better Men and Women.” President Donald Trump has done a lot of great things for this country. But some will only paint him in a negative light. Sometimes, you gotta fight against injustice by showing compassion, humility, and charity.”