Jawline Surgery in India

Dr. Parag Telang is the best facial feminization surgeon who performs jawline surgery in India at Designer Bodyz, Mumbai. He performs the surgery with precision ensuring a delicate balance of art and science and maintaining the natural essence of the facial features. Jawline surgery is one of the best ways to make the wide face look more feminine. The surgery involves shaving off excess jawbones to provide a proper angle to the jaw and V-shaped chin. The procedure covers three important elements of a lower face – the angles of the jaw, the shape of the chin, and the body of the mandible. Hence, it requires an expert surgeon to perform the surgery who is trained in maxillofacial surgeries and knows all about the soft tissue parts of the facial region. International patients from the USA and UK can get the best V-line jaw shave at Designer Bodyz in India. Visit now.


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