Jinggong Will Share About the Knowledge of the Operation of Cold Forming Machine

Before using the cold roll forming machine, it is necessary to inspect and prepare all parts and important parts of the cold roll forming machine equipment. Only with perfect protection can the production efficiency and speed of the cold roll forming machine equipment be guaranteed. Another important thing is that the operation of the cold forming machine must ensure the cooperation of equipment and personnel.


1. When using the cold bending forming machine, first check whether the upper die and the lower die are firmly matched, and check whether the positioning device meets the processing requirements.


2. Before using the cold forming machine, be sure to return each part to its original position, and let the machine idle for 1 to 2 minutes to ensure that there is no fault before proceeding to the next step.


3. The operation of the cold forming machine is under the unified command of one person to avoid confusion caused by many people.


4. Each operator of the cold forming machine must be proficient in operating skills and be able to deal with any emergencies. The company must provide regular training to employees.


The most important thing in the operation of the cold forming machine is to pay attention to the equipment and operators, which is the premise of ensuring production efficiency. We hope that what we have compiled for you can help you.


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