Joel Michael Singer Fellow in Stereotaxy and Functional Neurosurgery

Joel Michael Singer’s inquisitiveness in surgical interventions and challenges in modern Neurosurgery triggered his passion to take up this highly specialized field of Surgery. He considers himself as most fortunate to complete Postgraduate training. Subsequently, Joel Michael Singer took up Fellowship in Functional and Epilepsy Surgery. Having an experience of over a decade post-qualification, Joel Michal Singer is having hands-on experience in various subspecialties of Neurosurgery which includes complex Brain and Spine diseases in both adult and pediatrics, Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s disease and Spasticity, Epilepsy surgeries like Temporal lobectomy, Corpus colostomy, and Hemispherectomy. Joel Michael Singer is conversant with the usage of all modern neurosurgical modalities of treatment. With a deep sense of learning and desire to conquer further horizons of the future surgical realm, Joel Michael Singer’s academic contribution and interest include research work on Stem cell Transplants for Parkinson’s disease, Deep Brain Stimulation and 3 – D assisted navigation guides for spinal deformity surgeries.