• $29.75

Junlan Hot Sauna Closure Zipper Vest

Sweat More & Shape Muscle

With thermal activity of the hot sauna sweat tank top bring you sweat more and burn excess calories. The men hot sauna tank top offer strong stretch compression on your body ,helping you shape your muscle to six packs and tighten your belly.

Hot-Cycle Sauna Effect

Men hot sweat zipper vest made of hot-cycle material (Inner Neoprene + Outer Polyester).It can accelerate your sweat effect by hot reflect heating up your core abdominal,providing sauna effect and achieve weight loss goal.

Breathable Mesh Reducing Pressure

On the front have two breathable mesh special design,which help you reducing high intense training pressure make you feel cool and breathable. It Improve tank top appearance design, more fashion than other normal vest.