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Know Breast Feeding Benefits for Mom and Baby at Genmedicare

🤱Both you and your baby benefit from breastfeeding but it can be hard work. Here you’ll learn how to breastfeed your baby and get expert breastfeeding tips. You’ll also learn about breast milk, Breast Pumping, and when it’s time to start weaning.🤱 #genmedicare #breastfeeding #breastmilk #breastfeeding #breast #feeding #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingcare

Breastfeeding is a beautiful present for you as well as your baby. Breast milk is the best food you can offer your infant. Breastfeeding gives enormous health profits to both mother and child. It is specially created to provide to all your child’s nutritional requirements in the initial six months of life. For best benefits, breastfeeding should be started soon after the birth of your child and should be kept exclusively for six months, until weaning is initiated.