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Laminated Corrugated Plastic Container Manufacturers Introduces The Use Of Plastic Hollow Board

Laminated Corrugated Plastic Container Manufacturers introduces the common functions and uses of plastic hollow boards:

1. Due to its light weight, small size, and less space, the total weight of air transportation in the defense and aerospace fields increases less burden. Therefore, compared with wood packaging, on the one hand, it guarantees less space, and on the other hand, it also guarantees a lighter weight. In addition, these packages are chemical resistant, thus preventing any kind of environmental or chemical hazards from storing materials.

2. PP hollow board flip box has great versatility and high quality, which is the future development direction. Since it has new uses almost every day, it has become one of the most popular materials in daily use.

3. Comfortable opening, easier to reuse. Compared with wooden boxes that require tools, craftsmanship, experience and skills to open, PP hollow board packaging boxes are easier to open. After folding, these corrugated boxes can be opened quickly and stored compactly. They are easier to reuse and ready for recycling.

4. Plastic corrugated board turnover box is made of PP corrugated paper. Due to its durability, it has a longer service life and can be quickly recycled after its service life is over. They are very flexible, easy to fold, and are valued for their high load-bearing capacity. The plastic corrugated board can be modified, and the plastic corrugated box can be customized according to customer needs.