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Large family and luxury tents

Get an Out well family and luxury tent with extra good space and comfort for holidays at home and abroad. There is a large selection of modern inflatable tents and traditional pole tents. Family and luxury tents give you a lot of beautiful and functional features. With this luxury, you can create a homely feeling with luksusteltudlejning tent rental.

Family tents

 We have a large selection of family and luxury tents. We offer some of the best family tents for both smaller and larger families. In our tents, there is extra space in the cabins and the living space, which gives you an extra high level of comfort. Several of our tents are available at full standing height and with many smart, innovative features, such as our good ventilation systems. You will experience fine options for storage space in our large family tents. You will also have plenty of space for cooking. In addition, the tent’s large living space invites to lots of fun, play and coziness.

Large family and luxury tents

In our large family tents, as I said, there is generally extra space in our cabins and living spaces. Our cabins are made in the following designs: Royal Master Bedrooms, Premier Bedrooms and Ambassador Master Bedrooms. These designs give you headroom and fine storage options. Our large cabins are often equipped with universal inner tents that make it possible to divide the cabin in two or keep it in one. Our sleeping cabins form a framework for extra good spaciousness, and this results in a good and comfortable night’s sleep. Several of our models also offer dark ceilings, which have a positive effect on night sleep because light from outside is reduced.

 Large living rooms in the family tents

 There is plenty of space for dining, play and cosines. You can also get space for, for example, a kitchen table and storage options. Our kitchen tables are available in different sizes, colors and designs. The kitchen tables typically consist of a table top with a cupboard for storage underneath. The cabinets in our design can usually be closed with doors, so it is not visible what you store in your cabinets. Our models give you a safe and stable place for, among other things, cooking. In addition, our kitchen tables often come in small package sizes, so they are easy to transport and store at home. In addition, it is possible to buy a windscreen for the kitchen table, which can cover for wind during cooking.

We also have a number of storage cabinets and chests of drawers that can help you keep the tent for the family neat, tidy and organized. In our selection you will find, among other things, wardrobes, bedside tables etc. in several colors and designs. These storage options also consist of doors so that the filled shelves can be stored away. Several of our doors are equipped with our innovative and silent magnetic closures, which make it easy and homely for you to open and close the cabinets. These doors are made with a fiberglass frame. The gates are quick to set up. In our other models, you will find, among other things, roller doors, which also allow you to have the door rolled off, so you thus have easy access to the shelves

Protect your family and luxury tent

We offer a wide selection of double roof protectors. The roof protector helps your tent to last longer and prevents, for example, bird droppings and resin from damaging the tent. Our roof protectors are available for several of our family tents. The roof protectors consist of two sides, each with its own function. One side is silver colored, which means that the sun is reflected when this side is up, and the tent thus maintains a cooler temperature. The other side is black and instead absorbs the heat from the sun if this side is turned upwards, and the tent will thereby achieve a warmer temperature. This also means that with a double roof protector you can extend the camping period.

You can also do a lot yourself to ensure your family and luxury tent a longer life. One can consider your tent as an investment that needs to be nurtured to remain a good investment. Therefore, you can go a long way with the maintenance and cleaning of your tent.