LCD CCTV Monitor

In recent years, due to the development of technology, the entire cost of the monitoring system has been well adjusted. Now more and more companies are beginning to build their own monitoring systems to meet security or other monitoring needs. The LCD monitor is different from the general monitor. The high brightness, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and better color saturation effect of the LCD monitor are more accurate than the monitor. It’s an indispensable part. For a long time, the monitor mainly assists various places that require a security system.


Types of LCD CCTV Monitor

8-43 Inch CCTV Monitor

You can directly view the playback and timely information ahead. The information is rich in content and is widely used in many occasions.


55-86 Inch CCTV Monitor

All-weather, multi-directional monitoring, saving manpower and material resources. Real-time monitoring video, you can call up the record at any time.


Is a Tv or Monitor Better for CCTV?

Generally Speaking

A TV can be used as a CCTV monitor, as long as the camera output and TV input match. But monitors generally have lower input lag, higher refresh rates, and faster response times than TVs, which makes it becomes a better choice. If it’s used in a CCTV system, it must have some connectivity, and monitors are specially designed to display CCTV images.And monitor for CCTV system, the biggest feature is that it needs 7*24 all-weather operation.


What Are the Benefits of Cctv Monitors?



CCTV surveillance cameras enhance security with better clarity, ease to deter criminal activity.