LED Craft Light – Purchase Of Ceiling Light : 3 PM

The pendant lamp used in the family room can provide enough lighting to reflect the artistic quality of the craft lamp again. Three Points for Attention in Purchasing Roof Lamp and Exposition of    LED Craft Light 


1. Safety



Cannot blindly be greedy when choosing lamps and lanterns, and want to see its quality first, check whether complete of certificate of quality guarantee, qualification. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is not good. A lot of cheap lamp quality not pass, often hidden danger is boundless, once produce fire, the consequence is unimaginable.



2. Color temperature



Buy absorb dome light when want to see clear color temperature discretion. Here is a simple and effective way to determine whether the color temperature of a light source is too high. Put the palm next to the light source and look at the color of the palm.



3. Aesthetic level



The installation of room interval, ceiling beam and distribution often affect the choice that the lamp ACTS the role of and device. Lighting should be matched with interior design, such as classical and traditional decoration, it should be matched with elegant lighting full of nostalgic charm, and modern decoration should be matched with simple and avant-garde technology lighting.