Let’s Know More About the Most Iconic Fashion Designer Olia Seddiqui

Olia Seddiqui, is an Afghan American self-taught and self made fashion designer, manufacturer, inventor, an advocate and an emerging fine artist and poet.Olia’s ingenuity, inquisitiveness, and aspiration extended far beyond her exceptional sense of style. In fashion, she thrived on perfecting her skills in what she regards as the “art and science” of fashion design. Not only is she able to bring novelty and refinement into any collections, but she also has the technical skills to see it through to finish. It was her fashion forward and innovative approach in designing to her painstaking and exacting approach in development process to delivering a perfectly finished product that became the hallmark in her career as a fashion industry professional.It is this combined ability and years of sacrifice and dedication that has been the driving force to brining to life a variety of collections and projects. Olia’s designs and development combines three features—, creativity, innovation, and construction in the highest standard.