Linsheng : “Oil-Free Air Compressor, How To Face The Challenges Of Winter?”


     The cold winter is coming, a serious challenge for air compressors, which must be kept running during the winter. How to keep it stable and safe in the cold winter,    linsheng     teaches you how to use some maintenance skills:

  (1) In winter, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it is necessary to discharge condensed water. If not discharged in time, it is likely to freeze the air compressor and other equipment at night. Therefore, we recommend that users stop cooling in the winter, be sure to pay attention to discharge all the gas, sewage, water, water, gas, oil from various pipes and airbags, because the winter crew work, the temperature is higher, the outside temperature is low, after air cooling There will be a lot of condensed water, various control pipes, intercoolers and air bags, easy to control the pipeline, blockage of the intercooler, cracking of the airbag, etc., so the condensate must be drained immediately.

  (2) The temperature difference between day and night in winter is very large, which causes the compressor, bearings and other components of the compressor to be easily loosened. Therefore, the user must also have a planned, step-by-step check for looseness of the device.

  (3) Another cold weather will affect the service life of oil-free air compressors. Users are advised to shorten the use time appropriately.

  (4) Pay attention to keep the environment clean and tidy. Pay special attention to the water around the air compressor to prevent the ice from slipping and causing the operator to fall. Although cold weather increases the risk of air compressor equipment failure, it can still be efficient as long as the user is properly protected. Stable production of stable compressed air.