Lionser rinse free hand gel contains 72-88% alcohol, and unique emollient to reduce skin irritation. By easily sterilizing viruses,80 alcohol sanitizer is effective for major epidemic viruses and is applicable to sanitary hand disinfection and surgical hand disinfection. Our wash free antibacterial hand sanitizer is effective against 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and bacteria with pure, hygienic and effective ingredients.


Specifications of Lionser Wash Free 80 Percent Alcohol Sanitizer



Active ingredient

Hydrogen peroxide, content (g/l): 1.08 – 1.32; ethanol, content (v/v): 72.00% – 88.00%.

Inactive ingredients  

Water,Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid 

Dosage Form


Category of Microorganisms

Broad bactericidal spectrum covering intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts and common bacteria of nosocomial infection, and inactivation of poliovirus.

Scope of Application

applicable to sanitary hand disinfection and surgical hand disinfection.


1. Sanitary hand disinfection: Apply a proper amount of rinse free sanitizer disinfectant to the palm and rub it according to the requirements of the hand hygiene standards until this kind of disinfectant completely covers the hand skin for 1 minute.

2. Surgical hand disinfection: Wash hands, forearms and lower 1/3 of upper arm according to the requirements of hand hygiene standards, then rub appropriate amount of rinse free hand sanitizer disinfectant to each part of hands, forearms and lower 1/3 of upper arm for 1-3 minutes


24 months


Is 80 Ethyl Alcohol Safe For Skin?


The 80 percent alcohol sanitizer at concentrations of 72-88% is effective against many viruses, including herpes, influenza and rhinoviruses. The mixture of ethanol and water increases the antibacterial properties of ethanol, making hand sanitizer more effective in sterilization than pure ethanol. Topical application of ethanol (such as cosmetics or hand disinfectants) on non torn human skin will not cause acute or systemic toxic reactions. Acute or systemic toxic reactions will occur only on damaged skin or alcohol sensitive skin. So there is no doubt that 80 alcohol sanitizer is safe for skin.