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Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit PULTG Series (UL 360)

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit PULTG Series (UL 360)

Applicable for the protection of circuit with 600 volts or lower in locations where UL certificate is required, including commercial buildings, industrial/power plant, shipyards, marine or boat, computer rooms and etc.

Material:Galvanized Steel + PVC Jacket

Temperature Range: 

-20℃~+105℃ Dry, 60℃ Wet, 70℃ Oil

-20℃~+80℃ Dry, 60℃ Wet, 70℃ Oil

-20℃~+60℃ Dry, 60℃ Wet, 60℃ Oil

Our Flexible Metal Conduit-US include Aluminum Flexible Metal Conduit, Galvanized Steel Flexible Metal Conduit etc. All of them with high quality and good price.

IP Rating:

IP 40 (Fit with connector series: S52)

IP 66 (Fit with connector series: S50, S51 & S53)

Jacket Color: Grey (Standard), other colors are available by consult.

Flexibility: Medium

Fire Retardant: Self-extinguishing

UV Resistance: Yes

RoHS Compliance: Yes

Certificate: UL