Logistics Companies Auckland

At Smith Transport, we move machines and equipment. This includes specialist machines, oversize loads, plant equipment, mining equipment, cranes, construction equipment, vehicles – any type of machine or any piece of equipment.


We can move them locally or to anywhere in New Zealand. We have links with international haulage partners too, which means we can also offer international freight forwarding services.


A transport, haulage, and logistics company is only as good as the vehicles in their fleet. When you see the range of vehicles we have available, and the newness and general standard of those vehicles, you’ll understand the extent of our capabilities.


We regularly invest in our transporters to ensure we keep our fleet fresh, removing older vehicles and replacing them with new ones. This particularly applies to our trucks, many of which are Kenworth trucks, i.e. the reliable, hard-working, powerful, workhorse brand.


We also invest in our smaller trucks and flat decks as well as our trailers.


In addition, we make sure we strictly follow servicing and maintenance schedules, plus we quickly diagnose and repair faults when they arise.


Another key part of managing our fleet of transporters is the technology we use. This technology monitors the performance of our drivers, helping us improve their training to help them drive more efficiently and better look after the fleet.


We also use technology to plan maintenance and keep track of the work completed by our transporters.


We have a highly committed and dedicated team of drivers too, each providing an excellent standard of service.


When you need to move big machinery or large/heavy pieces of equipment around the country, we can help at Smith Transport. We specialise in moving vehicles too as our main services involve equipment, vehicle, and machinery transport in Auckland and across NZ.


We transport locally, plus we offer linehaul services and international freight forwarding. This means we can help whether you need to move equipment to a location that is close to you, or if you need to move machines to another part of the country – or around the world.